Terms of Sale
1. Vini di Toscana's Commercial Policy 
1.1. Vini di Toscana offers selections of wine and other products related to the world of wine on its website www.viniditoscana.com. Its e-commerce activities is exclusively geared towards its final users are "consumers" only over 18 (eighteen) years old and in any case under applicable law and regulations relating to electronic commerce.
1.2 For "Consumer," Vini di Toscana means any natural person acting on its website www.viniditoscana.com with the purposes not related to his profession, commercial or entrepreneurial activity. If you are a person other than the "Consumer" and for any doubt, contact our offices at the following email address: viniditoscana@gmail.com.
1.3. In accordance with the laws on the acquisition of wines and spirits and in consideration of its commercial policy, Vini di Toscana reserves the right not to process orders received from parties other than the "Consumer" in accordance with their commercial policy and in compliance with the age limits set by law for the purchase and for the delivery of wine and spirits. Vini di Toscana does not sell wine and spirits to people who are under 18 years of age. Through the use of our site www.viniditoscana.com, you warrant that you are over the age of 18 years and that the person who will receive the shipment by Vini di Toscana will be older than 18 years (eighteen).
1.4 The General Conditions of Sale Tuscan Wines exclusively regulate the offer, transmission, acceptance, shipping, purchasing methods and the right of withdrawal of purchase orders for products on the site www.viniditoscana.com among users of www.viniditoscana.com and the company Vini di Toscana.
1.5 General Terms Vini di Toscana do not regulate instead the supply of services or sale of products by parties other than Vini di Toscana, which are present on the site www.viniditoscana.com via hyperlinks, links or banners. Before buying products and services from entities other than Vini di Toscana, Vini di Toscna is recommended to verify the conditions of sale, because Vini di Toscana is not responsible for the supply of services by third parties other than Vini di Toscana or conclusion of e-commerce transactions between users of www.viniditoscana.com and third parties. If you have questions, please contact us directly by sending an e-mail to viniditoscana@gmail.com

2. Sales Contract Vini di Toscana 
2.1. To conclude the purchase of one or more products offered on www.viniditoscana.com, please fill in the order form in electronic format, following the relevant instructions. The order form contains a summary of the main commercial conditions, including the price, means of payment and delivery methods, as well as information on the main characteristics of the product ordered and a referral to the General Conditions of Sale.
2.2 The sales contract Vini di Toscana is concluded when Vini di Toscana receives by e-mail your order form, verifies the accuracy of the data and sends you a purchase order receipt, containing a summary of information already contained in the order form.
2.3. After the conclusion of the contract, Vini di Toscana will process your purchase order.
2.4. For every purchase of wines and products usually offered on the site www.viniditoscana.com, before transmission of the purchase order, Vini di Toscana will ask you to correct any errors in data entry, to read carefully the General Conditions of Sale included the right of withdrawal, to print a copy and save or reproduce a copy for your own personal use.
2.5. The contract with Vini di Toscana is in Italian, but an English translation is available.
2.6. Vini di Toscana may refuse or otherwise not to proceed to purchase orders that are incomplete or incorrect, or in the event of unavailability of products or for orders that do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency. In these cases, Vini di Toscana will inform you by e-mail that the contract is not concluded and that Vini di Toscana has not responded to your purchase order specifying the reasons and possibly suggesting a possible solution.
2.7 Should any of the bottles of wine or products typically presented on www.viniditoscana.com, are no longer available for sale at the time of sending the order form, it is up to Vini di Toscana to inform you promptly and in any case within thirty (30) days, from the day following the date of transmission of the order to Vini di Toscana, the unavailability of wines and products typically ordered. In case you have already submitted your order form and paid the price, Vini di Toscana will at first to suggest one or more possible alternative, with market value equal or greater to the order, that can satisfy you, vice versa Vini di Toscana will repay what you have already anticipated.
2.8. By submitting your order form via email, you declare to unconditionally accept the General Conditions of Sale Vini di Toscana and agrees to observe them in all dealings with Vini di Toscana. In case you did not agree and do not wishes to accept to even partially the terms in the General Conditions of Sale Vini di Toscana, please do not submit your order form for the purchase of products sold on www.viniditoscana.com
2.9 Transmitting at Vini di Toscana the order form, you confirm that you know and accept the General Conditions of Sale Vini di Toscana and the additional information contained in the site www.viniditoscana.com, including any references via links, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

3. Guarantees and prices of wines and other products for sale 
3.1 All selections Vini di Toscana for sale, all bottles of wine and in general all products offered by Vini di Toscana on its website www.viniditoscana.com products are exclusively considered "premium" and first quality. The products are the result of a meticulous and continuous research and purchased directly from Vini di Toscana at wineries, cellars, producers and retailers carefully selected for their attention and care to produce quality products and strict quality control. Vini di Toscana does not sell products irregular or lower quality than the corresponding market standards.
3.2 All information and indications on the label of bottles of wine offered by Vini di Toscana are by law to care and are guaranteed by individual manufacturers. Vini di Toscana continuously selects the companies that produce the products with the highest quality standards but, while putting in place generic controls the veracity of the information contained on labels, does not respond and does not guarantee in any way for the information on the labels and that these fully reflect the characteristics of the product. For any doubt his or her for any possible reporting, contact us directly by e-mail at viniditoscana@gmail.com. Vini di Toscana will take care to take steps with the manufacturer for any additional collateral or additional requested information and report any irregularities to the relevant police authorities.
3.3 The essential characteristics of the products offered by Vini di Toscana are presented with special data sheets, directly visible on the site www.viniditoscana.com. The images and colors of products offered for sale on www.viniditoscana.com may not exactly correspond to the real because of the Internet browser or monitor used. Selections Vini di Toscana could be subject to updates and changes, always with quality wines and according to the characteristics and the topic indicated in the name of the Selection Vini di Toscana.
3.4 The prices of the products offered are all VAT included.
For greater transparency, the cost of transport is reported separately on the order form and invoice. Prices are subject to change, so please always be sure of the final sale price before sending the relevant order form.
3.5 Selections Vini di Toscana and in general all products offered by Vini di Toscana are sold worldwide.
3.6 In the case of items that are deemed defective, we ask you first to inform us via e-mail at viniditoscana@gmail.com or by telephone +39 0578717566 so we can immediately identify any problem and find a solution together. Defective merchandise will be replaced and returned at the expense of Vini di Toscana or refunded if exhausted.
3.7 If you decide to use your right of withdrawal, Vini di Toscana has the right to not accept the return of products that have been altered from their original status or have been damaged or partially consume.

4. Payments 
4.1 The payment methods of the price of wine and all products offered on our site www.viniditoscana.com are indicated in the order form.
4.2. The price for the purchase of products is inclusive of shipping charges (shown separately) and will be charged to your bank account at the time of shipment of the products purchased, as indicated on the order form.
4.3 The payment methods accepted by Vini di Toscana are: Credit Card, Prepaid Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer. All financial information necessary for the transaction will be transmitted by encryption, to Wirecard, BCC Gatteo, American Express, PayPal, BRT Spa or to other banks, which provide its electronic payment services at a distance, without third parties having access . This information will never be used by Vini di Toscana except for performing the procedures relating to your purchase and for issuing refunds for your benefit in case of any returns, following the exercise of his right of withdrawal, or if you necessary to prevent or report to police the commission of fraud www.viniditoscana.com.

5. Shipping and Delivery of products 
5.1 Vini di Toscana delivery bottles of wine and other products related to the world of wine for sale on its website www.viniditoscana.com exclusively to its end users are "consumers" only over 18 (eighteen) years old and still under applicable law and applicable regulations.
5.2 Tuscan Wines uses for deliveries packaging patented, thanks to its special characteristics, ensure the integrity of the products transported. Vini di Toscana makes the delivery of ordered products to the address indicated in the purchase process on www.viniditoscana.com, through the best national and international carriers (UPS, FedEx, AWS, Bartolini, SDA, GLS and others), who take full responsibility for the delivery from taking charge at our company, until the delivery to the address indicated in the order form. Vini di Toscana assumes no responsibility for any damage or behavior of the couriers.
5.3 Shipments are made worldwide.
5.4 For the execution of delivery are essential the following information:
. Billing Information, ie billing name, billing address, e-mail address.
. Data Delivery, namely nominative delivery, delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address.
5.5 Should you receive parcels from Vini di Toscana visibly damaged by courier, broken or stained by the leakage of wine from any broken bottles, please reject the shipment to the sender We will take care of the return and restoration of the expedition. If the shipment include multiple boxes and not all are damaged, please reject the damaged package to the sender by signing the bill of the courier "With Reserve". Vini di Toscana will take care of the damaged box and replacement. If the product being replaced was sold out, we will contact you directly for replacement or credit residual value. Any costs of shipping the return to the sender of the parcel and restitution will be covered by the new Vini di Toscana.
5.6 Delivery typically takes place on weekdays, at two (2) to four (4) days in Italy, five (5) to seven (7) days in the rest of the world from the date of entry of the order on www.viniditoscana.com site with their payment via PayPal. In case of payment by bank transfer, it will be delivered with the same timing, but from the date of confirmation of the transfer of funds.
5.7 For any information or reporting on the shipment of your orders, you can contact our Customer Service via email at viniditoscana@gmail.com or by telephone on +39 0578717566

6. Costumer Service 
6.1. For any information our costumer service is active by e-mail at viniditoscana@gmail.com or +39 0578717566.

7. Right of withdrawal 
7.1 According to the discipline of the Legislative Decree no. 206/05, you have the right to terminate the contract of purchase, without penalty, within 14 calendar days from receipt of goods and upon written notice to be sent to Margheriti Food & Wine Srl ℅ Vini di Toscana, using the management procedures foreseen made from Vini di Toscana. You can not change a single bottle of wine, the selection or the selected product with another, at no additional cost. Our customer service is always at your disposal to try to resolve any need related to your order, so please get in contact with Vini di Toscana by e-mail at viniditoscana@gmail.com or by phone +39 0578717566.
7.2 In the notification you will have to indicate the product or products for which you intend to exercise the right of withdrawal, order number and date of the order, the invoice number, your bank details (IBAN). Following such communication, you will be asked to wait for feedback from our customer service authorizing the return. You can then return the goods to delivering it back to the courier for shipment within further 14 calendar days, after having notified your withdrawal within 14 calendar days from the day you received the products, as long as intact, in the manner and within the agreed terms, unless your possible waiver of restitution of such products.
7.3 The only charges that you will have to bear are the return of products purchased, in accordance with Art. 5, paragraph 6 of Legislative Decree n. 185 of 22/05/1999
7.4. The Right of withdrawal, besides compliance with the terms and conditions described in paragraphs 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, It is exercised properly if they are fully adhered to the following conditions of the right of withdrawal:
• products purchased must be substantially intact;
• Products must be returned in their original packaging (in the case of wine selections, you must return all bottles that compose);
• Products must be returned to Vini di Toscana in a single shipment. Vini di Toscana reserves the right not to accept products or bottles of the same order returned and
delivered at different times;
• the costs of return of the goods will have to bear, including liability in case of loss or damage to products.
• the products arrived in our warehouse will be examined to assess any damage or tampering (the substantial integrity of the returned goods is an essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal) - We recommend maximum attention in the preparation of the package;
• the products should not have been used or damaged;
• The right of withdrawal is reserved only for natural persons, previously referred to as "consumers" in section 1.2, are therefore excluded any purchases made by retailers or by persons in whatever capacity they acquire for resale;
• The return form must be properly completed and transmitted to Vini di Toscana within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of goods.
7.5 If the right of withdrawal is exercised in conformity with the procedures and time limits specified in this paragraph, Vini di Toscana shall refund the amounts paid for products purchased directly from the site www.viniditoscana.com, which will be repaid in the shortest possible time and in any case, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date on which the Vini di Toscana became aware of your right of withdrawal. The refund procedure will be activated after checking the correct execution of the terms and conditions mentioned above, as indicated in paragraph 8.
7.6 If were not respected the terms and procedures for the exercise of the right of withdrawal, you will not be entitled to reimbursement of the money paid to Vini di Toscana or the issuance of credit requested. It will always be possible to regain, at your expense, the products in the state in which they were returned to the Vini di Toscana. Otherwise, the company will keep the products in addition to sums already paid for their purchase.

8. Timing and procedures for reimbursement 
8.1 Performed the return of products, Vini di Toscana shall check the conformity of themselves, at the conditions and term limits specified in the previous paragraph. In the event that the checks are successfully concluded, Vini di Toscana provides to send you, via e-mail, confirmation of acceptance of the returned products.
8.2 Whatever the accepted payment methods used by you, the refund it is initiated by Vini di Toscana as quickly as possible and no later than fourteen (14) calendar days from the date in which Vini di Toscana is come to knowledge of the exercise of his right of withdrawal, after verification of proper implementation of the right to withdraw and acknowledgement of acceptance of returned products.
8.3 In the event that there was no correspondence between the recipient of the goods specified in the order form and who has made the payment of sums due for their purchase, the reimbursement of amounts in the event of exercising the right of withdrawal, it will be executed by Vini di Toscana, in any case, towards those who made the payment.

9. Privacy 
9.1 The data relating to the processing of personal data may be obtained by consulting the Privacy Policy Vini Di Toscana and we invite you to read our Terms of Use Vini Di Toscana, which contain information on the security systems used on our design site medialabinformatica.it and how to treat personal information of our users.
9.2 For any information on our Privacy Policy you can send requests to our e-mail: viniditoscana@gmail.com to the legal address of Margheriti Food & Wine - Loc. Romitorio, 71- Zip Code 53043 - Chiusi (SI), Italy.

10. Applicable law and dispute resolution 
10.1 The General Conditions of Sale Vini di Toscana are governed by Italian law and in particular by Legislative Decree No 6 September 2005. 206 on consumption, with specific reference to the legislation on distance contracts and by Legislative Decree No 9 April 2003. 70 on certain aspects of electronic commerce.
10.2 The sale of products and / or services takes place in the territory of the Italian State and is subject to the laws in force in the Italian Republic. Jurisdiction for the resolution of any dispute will be to Siena.

11. Updates and Changes 
The General Conditions of Sale Vini di Toscana are periodically adjusted according to the development of its business and the market, and in compliance with any updates and changes to legislation. Each change will be regularly updated and published on our website and will www.viniditoscana.com immediately effective from the date of publication of the same www.viniditoscana.com
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